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Bath and body accessories, bath products and personal gifts

Bath + Body / Accessories

Natural Stone Vanity Tray


Natural Stone Soap Dish


Natural Stone Toothbrush Holder


Natural Stone Tumbler


Natural Stone Lotion Dispenser


Natural Stone Tissue Holder


Natural Stone Waste Basket


White Porcelain Vanity Tray


White Porcelain Soap Tray


White Porcelain Toothbrush Holder


White Porcelain Tumbler


White Porcelain Lotion Dispenser


White Porcelain Cotton Jar


White Porcelain Tissue Holder


White Porcelain Wastebasket


Hammered Silver Vanity Tray


Hammered Silver Soap Dish


Hammered Silver Toothbrush Holder


Hammered Silver Tumbler


Hammered Silver Lotion Dispenser


Hammered Silver Cotton Jar


Hammered Silver Tissue Holder


Hammered Silver Wastebasket


Matte Gilded Vanity Tray


Matte Gilded Soap Dish


Matte Gilded Toothbrush Holder


Matte Gilded Tumbler


Matte Gilded Lotion Dispenser


Matte Gilded Cotton Jar


Matte Gilded Tissue Holder


Matte Gilded Waste Basket


Mango Wood and White Enamel Trays

From  $35.00

Elsene Vanity Mirror


Sisal Bath Glove


Sisal Body Scrubber


Facial Complexion Brush


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